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Jennifer Lopez: How much does the Miami mansion that she shares with Ben Affleck cost

See inside their glamorous Miami Beach Home, and discover here how much it is worth!

Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's love nest in Miami
Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's love nest in Miami

After taking their reunion to the chilly peaks of Montana, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided their revitalized relationship needed a sunnier location. J.Lo, 51, and Ben, 48, arrived in Miami on May 23 and headed to her rental property shortly afterward.

For those curious about what ‘Bennifer’s South Beach love nest is like, TMZ tracked down the information. The property is a “two-story fortress,” and TMZ lists J.Lo and Ben’s beach home as being 10,000 square feet.

The Miami's mansion

It has eleven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, three garages, a private gym, pool, jacuzzi, and spa. There’s also a guest house on the 27,000 square-foot lot. The property has a balcony, that much we know. TMZ reports that the home was sold to jewelry designer Paul Morelli last month, and that he paid around $18 million for it. 

Jennifer Lopez is worth an estimated $150 million approximately, per Forbes, and Ben Affleck is worth a reported $55 million, so we think they didn’t have any problem paying about $130,000 to rent per month, as SplashNews reports it costs.

Jennifer Lopez

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