Jennifer Lopez or Ben Affleck: Who Has a Higher Net Worth?

Though it’s been more than 15 years since they dated, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back! But who has the higher net worth?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's net worth
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's net worth

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set of their romantic comedy, Gigli. Following Lopez’s divorce from dancer Cris Judd, she and Affleck stepped out as a couple. They were deemed “Bennifer” by the media and soon became the most talked-about pair in Hollywood.

The couple announced their engagement after just months of dating in November 2002. Shortly after their film’s release, they were set to marry but postponed their wedding due to the media frenzy surrounding it. In January 2004, the pair confirmed their split.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engaged

Following their public 2021 breakups with Alex Rodriguez and Ana de Armas, respectively, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted spending time together. They were seen in Miami and in Montana.

But, who has a higher net worth, Jennifer Lopez or Ben Affleck? Both have made a lot of money. And there isn’t exactly a definitive winner as to who’s on top in this case. Affleck’s $150 million net worth is definitely impressive. As for the other half of Bennifer, she’s said to be worth a bit more than that, according to Forbes — though it’s unclear just how much more.

Jennifer Lopez

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