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Kicking off with Queen Oprah’s magnificent Montecito estate she named Promised Land, we take you on a tour of the superstar billionaire's picture-perfect homes and there are a few surprises in store…

Oprah. Oprah's $100 million mansion.
Oprah. Oprah's $100 million mansion.

Back in 2001, when Oprah was invited to a party at this dreamy estate in the idyllic village of Montecito near Santa Barbara, she instantly fell in love with the tranquil 42-acre property. Who wouldn’t?

So much that she used her formidable powers of persuasion to get the owners Robert and Marlene Veloz to sell up – the estate wasn't actually on the market – and wasted no time writing out a cheque for almost $52 million.

Worth more than $100 million today, the glorious Promised Land estate spans 70 acres thanks to some canny deals on neighbouring properties. At its centre is Oprah's 23,000-square-foot mansion, an impressive neo-Georgian pile, and the amazing landscaped grounds include rose gardens, terraces and fountains.

As her forever home, Promised Land is where Oprah and her long-term boyfriend Stedman Graham love to spend time. Beautifully decorated and filled with mementoes, books and artwork, it's been lovingly put together over the years.

The kitchen is the heart of Oprah's mansion, a place where her friends can congregate and kick back. The TV legend had the fireplace and pizza oven removed to free up more space, but left everything else as it was. 

All in all the mansion boasts several living rooms, a library, kitchen, two home theatres, a wine cellar, an office, six bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. As you can imagine, celebrities love a walk-in wardrobe and Oprah is no different. 

This smart room with fitted cabinets is where she stores her extensive clothing collection and she regularly shares videos with her followers while she's packing for one of her many trips around the world. 

Oprah's renowned love of books makes itself felt in almost every room of the house, including her beautiful study. In addition to the sprawling neo-Georgian mansion, Oprah's estate comprises orchards, a koi pond, tennis courts, a pool and pool house, as well as a two-bedroom Craftsman-style guest house spanning 4,000 square feet

Source: Love Property

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