Queen Elizabeth II's most luxurious necklace reveals how much it costs

The valuable garment was also worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and is one of the most expensive pieces in the UK.

Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II.

Year after year, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has preserved emblematic jewels that belong to the monarchy. Recently, it was revealed which of all those garments is the most expensive... and boy is the figure higher than any citizen can imagine. The funny thing about it all, is that this accessory was only used by Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William.  

The piece is a necklace from the collection called Nizam of Hyderabad and is valued at 66 million sterling. That is, 89 million 509 thousand dollars. Not surprisingly, it is listed as one of the most colorful accessories of English royalty.

Another fact that was revealed was that the necklace was a gift for having been engaged to Prince Philip. In 1974 it was given to him by Asaf Jah VII, who at that time was known as Nizam and was ruler of Hyderabad.  In addition, Queen Elizabeth II treasures this piece like no other. He uses it frequently in real events.  

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According to several international media, an average citizen of the United Kingdom would have to work, on average, 2,000 years to be able to raise the money and pay for a necklace of this nature. So, Queen Elizabeth II made it clear that she has good taste to choose her favorite jewelry. 

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Video taken from the Mega News channel.

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