Scott Disick: It wasn't a car but it cost her thousands of dollars. This is what Amelia Hamlin, 19, got to her boyfriend in his 38th birthday

Amelia Hamlin gave Scott Disick a generous gift for his 38th birthday despite their 18-year gap.

Scott Disick gets the best gift from Amelia Hamlin
Scott Disick gets the best gift from Amelia Hamlin

Scott Disick celebrated his 38th birthday two days early with a massive backyard party on May 24. Of course, his girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, was in attendance, and they showed some rare social media PDA during the event. Ex Kourtney Kardashian was also there.

Amelia Hamlin took to her Instagram Story to share some shots from the event, including a video of herself and Scott. In the vid, Scott wraps his arm around Amelia’s neck and plants a kiss on her cheek as she smiles. “Birthday cutie,” she captioned the quick clip.

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Meanwhile, The Lord shared a video showing off the gift that his younger girlfriend gave him for the big day — a Harley Davidson motorcycle that costs approximately $50k! Scott posted a clip of himself riding the bike, which he captioned, “Thanks @AmeliaGray.” 

Although Scott, 38, and Amelia, 19, have been hot and heavy for several months now, they generally keep their relationship off of social media, so this was a pretty grand public display. Who could have such a gift! Scott is a very lucky man.

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