Everything started when Hilaria Baldwin posted a pic on Instagram after giving birth, and Amy Schumer reposted it, causing negative comments about her body.

Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria Baldwin and Amy Schumer on body shaming.
Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria Baldwin and Amy Schumer on body shaming.

Hilaria Baldwin, 36, shared a snapshot of herself holding her baby boy in her arms while posing in underwear on Instagram. Hilaria Baldwin, who welcomed her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin, son Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas, in September,  joked in the caption that she can't stop smelling this baby.

Comedian Amy Schumer, 39, who is mom to 19-month-old son Gene David , re-posted the photo of Hilaria Baldwin and Edu on her Instagram feed, joking that it was a mother-son image of herself and Gene, wishing everyone a happy holiday season. 

Hilaria Baldwin posted a video statement on Instagram addressing Amy Schumer's repost and the negative notes that began to pour into the comment section, criticizing Hilaria Baldwin's post-baby appearance.

In the clip, Hilaria Baldwin explains that she appreciates jokes and loves making fun of herself, but had a concern with it when she said it seemed to spiral out of control, getting into a place of body-shaming.

Hilaria Baldwin expressed that body inclusivity should be for all shapes and sizes, because some moms do, as herself, look like that because she’d been a  fitness person her entire life and she should be included in the inclusivity. Schumer commented on the video, "I'm sorry!"

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