Madonna and Tokisha got crazy at New York Fashion Week

By Lucía Murphy

Madonna and Tokisha got crazy at New York Fashion Week

The singers and troublemakers kiseed in front of the cameras

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As Cyndi Lauper would say “girls just wanna have fun”, no matter what people think nor how much they hate they leave in the comment section. That's why during an event at New York Fashion Week, the “Like a virgin” singer and the dominican superstar Tokischa took the chance to kiss each other in front of the cameras.

You can call it out as “queerbaiting”, but this is not the first time we see the singers kissing. Of course there's no inocence in doing so. Since their music collaboration earlier this year for a remix of Madonna's hit single “Hung up”, they've been hanging around, being afectious on social media and in public.

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First they appeared tongues touching in an Instgram post made by Madonna to announce the collaboration and later on June, for their performance in NYC Pride, they first kissed pubicly. That time, Madonna, 63, got slammed for doing so with Tokischa, 26, being called “desperate” and “classless” in the comment section.

Tokischa, on the other hand, is making their best of the attention it has got her. being questioned on interviews about what is going on between her and the “Give it up to me” singer. Since the begining of the career, Tokischa has been open about her sexuality so she just laghs and responds that there is nothing wrong with it.

The latest kiss at New York Fashion Week

This time, they were captured taking care of each other at New York Fashion Week. It seems like they will not stop to give the fans what they want. “Soy el Rey de esa Popola” ("I own that vagina" in dominican slang) commented Tokischa on Madonna's Instagram post of them dancing and miming oral sex together.