New details of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral services revealed

New information has come out about the place for her majesty's final rest

De left to right: Catherine, Guillermo, Harry y Meghan reunited
De left to right: Catherine, Guillermo, Harry y Meghan reunited

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On Monday, September 19, Queen Elizabeth II' burial ceremony will take place in Windsor Castle, following the state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London. The late Queen, who passed away on Thursday, will be buried at St George's Chapel, both a Royal Peculiar and the Chapel of the Order of the Garter.

King Charles III, joined by several members of his family, is expected to appear during the procession in the castle quadrangle before the coffin enters the chapel for the service. Next  tuesday, Princess Ana will acompany the late Queen's coffin as it is flown to London by Royal Air Force plane from Edinburgh Airport.

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Before the urial ceremony, many citizens amongst other people from around the world are expected to move to London to pay their respects and mourn the late Queen, who was also Head of State in other 13 countries. Visitors and londiners are advised to lay flowers at the Cambridge gate on the Long Walk.

This afternoon, Prince William, who is now next in line for the thrown, and his wife, Princess Catherine of Wales, accompanied by his younger brother, Henry of England and his wife, Meghan Markle, greeted the crowd gathered around Windsor Castle to bid farewell Queen Elizabeth II, longest living monarch in the history of England.

Where will Meghan Markle will be seated at the funeral?

Ever since Megxit, how the British media named the deposition of most of theirs titles and obligations who come with them by now fomer Prince Henry and his wife, relations between the marriage and the Royal Family has been subject of many speculations. The latest being where she will be seated at the funeral,  specially since she was not at Balmoral to say goodbye to the late Queen with her husband and the Royal Family.


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