Find out how the royal family is doing after Prince Philip's death at his 99 years old.

Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch’s royal sons gave an update on how the Queen Elizabeth II is doing.
Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch’s royal sons gave an update on how the Queen Elizabeth II is doing.

Queen Elizabeth II’s sons have given the world a glimpse into her grieving process. Since Prince Philip’s passing, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward have opened up to the press about how their regal mother is holding up. 

Andrew, the Duke of York, particularly touched on Queen Elizabeth II’s state and how she poetically described the feeling of losing her husband of almost 74 years. While attending a small church service at The Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor on Sunday, April 11, he gave Sky News an intimate update.

“I just want to say how grateful I am, we are, for these tributes,” he said, thanking the public. “He was a remarkable man. I loved him as a father. He was so calm, if you had a problem, he would always think about it. He was a great person to go to.” Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice’s dad went on to describe Prince Philip as the “grandfather of the nation.”

“I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother who’s feeling it, I think more than anybody else,” he continued to say. “The Queen as you would expect is an incredibly stoic person and she described his passing as a ‘miracle’ and she’s contemplating.”

“She described it as having left a huge void in her life,” Andrew added, “but we (her family) are rallying around to make sure we are there to support her.. I know that there is a huge amount of support not just for her, but for everybody as we go through this enormous change.”


Meanwhile, Edward, the Earl of Wessex, urged that no one has fully processed the death yet. “It‘s been a bit of a shock. However much one tries to prepare oneself for something like this it’s still a dreadful shock,” he said.

On the Queen, Edward’s wife the Countess of Wessex revealed that the Queen Elizabeth II is in line with her usual tradition of “thinking of others before herself.” Prince Philip was the same way, as Edward said he was always spending time getting to know his staff members and the people around him.

Buckingham Palace confirmed The Duke of Edinburgh‘s passing at the age of 99 with a statement on Friday, April 9, saying: “His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”

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