This is what Yalitzia Aparicio said about Nicole Kidman at the premiere of "Presencias"

By Lucía Murphy

This is what Yalitzia Aparicio said about Nicole Kidman at the premiere of "Presencias"

The actress from “Roma” was asked about Nicole Kidman buying mexican cheese from the street

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Yalitza Aparicio, nominated for and Oscar in 2019 for her protagonic role in “Rome” (2019) was recently interviewed for the premiere of her most recent film 'Presencias" about the movie yes, but also about Nicole Kidman latest visit to Mexico, in which she was captured buying mexican cheese from a truck in the street.

I think that Mexico is so diverse, so rich in gastronomy, culture, that the truth is that people from other countries [refering to American actress] come to enjoy it is wonderful," said the actress originally from Oaxaca as well as the traditional “quesillo” which Nicole Kidman was captured buying during her lastest visit to Mexico.

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"But it would be more incredible if our own Mexicans enjoyed and valued what we have," added Aparicio. The statements made by the Mexican were taken up by the press during the red carpet of her most recent movie “Presencias”, by director Luis Mandoki for Televisa and Univision streaming platform Vix+.

In the production Aparicio share credits with co-protagonist Alberto Amann, Daniel Mandoki, Gerardo Taracena, Fermín Martínez, Angelina Peláez, Marco Treviño and others. It was shot in Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, with photography by Philip Lozano, cinematographer of the successful horror series Marianne.

Yalitzia and Kidman reunited by the question one more time

In 2020 and in due to her recent sucess with Rome (2019), Yalitza Aparicia was captured next to fellow actresses Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson at the front row of Michael Kors' during New York Fashion Week. The picture was posted on her social media where a friendship between the actresses was speculated.