Tom Brady's broken promise that could end his marriage

By Lucía Murphy

Tom Brady's broken promise that could end his marriage

After 13 years, their marriage is at risk 

It is well known that appearances are often deceiving, and that is the case of the marriage of Tom Brady, winner of 5 Super Bowl MVP awards, and his wife Gisele Bündchen. After a series of rumors, the seemingly perfect marriage could be coming to an end.

Although neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumor, the possible reason for the separation would be that, just six weeks after announcing his retirement, the player decided, once again, to return to the football field.




In an old interview for British Vogue, the ex-model assured that “Marriage is never the fairy tale that people want to believe it to be. It takes work to really be in sync with someone, especially after having kids. Her focus is on her career, mine is mostly on kids."

The rumors sparked after Brady missed 11 days of training just before the start of the NFL season. A source revealed to the Page Six portal that Gisele left the family home in Tampa and moved to Miami to be able to stay close to her children.

Tom Brady, a committed player on the field

Tom Brady is noted by most NFL fans as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). According to Forbes, at the time of his retirement announcement in early 2022, Brady would be retiring with an estimated fortune of $450 million.