Grey's Anatomy Recap: Derek And Meredith Say Goodbye To Each Other Again

By Lucía Murphy

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Derek And Meredith Say Goodbye To Each Other Again

Meredith and Derek shared a few final moments on the beach before bidding farewell during the April 22 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Winston’s big idea helped bring Meredith back from the beach for good.

Here’s the ultimate update of one of yours favorite tv shows of all times that has 17 seasons, Grey's Anatomy, created by Shonda Rhimes, the same as Bridgerton! Let’s make a recap: It’s Winston’s first day at Grey Sloan, and he’s ready to get to work. Jackson has taken a leave of absence. 

One of the employees is finally going home after a brutal COVID battle, and the staff is celebrating. Dr Meredith Grey still isn’t awake full-time yet. Teddy wants to do some new tests on Meredith to see what’s going on.

Meredith is back on the beach, this time with only Derek. Derek admits that “dying is exhausting.” Meredith wants to get closer to Derek. They both know that if she gets closer, she’ll never leave. Meredith weighs her options. If she dies, she thinks the kids will survive. The struggle will make them stronger.

“People love you, Meredith,” Derek says. Meredith admits she’s “tired.” Derek tells Meredith that her soul won’t even let him near her. She asks him if it hurt him to see her with Deluca. “It’s harder watching you be lonely,” Derek says. They change into some wedding looks, even though Meredith hates weddings. 

Meredith decides right then and there that she doesn’t want to leave the kids. Meanwhile, Link and Amelia are working on a patient together. He’s a pitcher who wants to get back on the field. He has a tumor and needs surgery. Amelia takes the reins to get the tumor out. However, if she’s just one millimeter off he could be paralyzed. 

When she gets into the OR, she begins to have doubts. Link gives her much-needed pep talk. Zola really misses her mom and wonders why she’s not home. Maggie calms Zola down, and they scream out all their anger together.


Team Teddy and Owen or Meredith and Derek?

Teddy removes a clot that Meredith had, but she’s still not waking up. Teddy begins to freak out. They’ve done everything they can, but nothing is happening. Owen calms Teddy through a panic attack. She kisses him at one point, but he stops things from going further. She cries in his arms.

Winston wants to try something with Meredith, and it’s a gamble. He wants to bring Zola to the hospital to see Meredith. Maggie says no at first and thinks it’ll be too much for Zola. Richard backs up Winston. Eventually, the decision is made to bring Zola in. 

She puts on all the medical gear. When she walks into Meredith’s room, she instantly hugs her mom. “I miss you so much,” Zola cries. The doctors rally around Meredith’s room. Bailey thinks bringing Zola in was a good idea. Amelia rushes to the hospital and breaks down. “I need her to live,” she says.

On the beach, Derek stands right behind Meredith. “It’s not time yet,” he tells her. She reminds him that there’s no pain here. Derek admits that he misses the pain of the real world. He continues, “It’s not your time yet. Our kids need you. You have to go.” 

As Zola is talking, Meredith opens her eyes. “We love you so much,” Meredith tells Zola, saying it for both her and Derek. She’s back — for good! As this is happening, Derek walks down the beach. He’ll be ready and waiting for her when it’s her time.