Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Jackson Is Leaving Grey-Sloan And Taking April And Harriet With Him!

Jackson made some life-changing decisions on the May 6 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy, and they involved April and Harriet. Plus, April revealed some shocking news of her own to Jackson. Check it out here!

Grey's Anatomy, everything you need to know about Jackson and April in season 17
Grey's Anatomy, everything you need to know about Jackson and April in season 17

The May 6 episode of Grey’s Anatomy is all about Jackson Avery. He drives all the way to Montana to talk with his father. He didn’t travel all that way just to catch up. He wants “answers” from his dad.

Jackson works alongside his dad to make lunches for the community. He probes Robert about walking away from his family and being a “stain on the family name.” Robert says he didn’t want to be what the role required.

Later, Jackson drives back to Washington in the pouring rain to April’s house. So many memories with April flash before his eyes — the good and the bad. Harriet has a fever, and she’s not feeling well. Matthew is out east. Meanwhile, April is freaking out. Jackson calms April down a bit, and then the power goes out.

Jackson and April in Grey Sloan Hospital

Turns out, Jackson’s actually never been to April’s place. When Jackson asks if April and Matthew are happy, she replies, “We’re busy, like everyone else.” Jackson explains he went to see his dad because he needed to know if he was right about what he wanted.

His father could never step up or step into the role of a leader, but Jackson can. He wants to take over the Harper Avery Foundation. Jackson’s not just thinking about taking over the foundation. He’s doing it. And that means he’s moving to Boston. He wants April, Matthew, and Harriet to come with him.

He’s already guaranteed April and Matthew have jobs. “I really need you all to come with me,” Jackson says. April doesn’t immediately say yes, understandably. The hope for a Japril reunion has never been higher!

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