Red Alert: Why it's Netflix's Most Watched Movie in Recent Times

By Estefanía Garcés

Red Alert: Why it's Netflix's Most Watched Movie in Recent Times

The film was released a month ago and is one of the highest grossing of other films.

It was on November 5 when the Netflix platform arrived one of the most anticipated films of the season: Red Alert. It is a film based on comedy, action and suspense. In addition, it stars renowned actors Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. 

So, the international press, reported that the film Red Alert was generating large profits in the short time of its premiere. In fact, it became Netflix's "most expensive movie" so far. It also broke a record in the number of views on the streaming platform. 

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Another fact that transcended was that the film Red Alert (2021) surpassed in income the films Bird Box and Extraction; other of Hollywood's biggest productions. But the work of The Rock reached, only in the 12 days, the maximum of views on Netflix. Immediately, the recognition to the actors came at once.  

Good news from Gal Gadot

Diva Gal Gadot spoke out on social media about this great achievement and said she was impressed by all the success she achieved with her role in the film Red Alert. And he said he will continue to do film work in the coming years.  

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