“Sex Education” is coming back without these 3 stars

By Lucía Murphy

“Sex Education” is coming back without these 3 stars

You’ll definitely miss these characters on the show.

One of Netflix’s most popular shows, “Sex Education”, has started the filming for their 4th season. We do not have yet the date of release but we do know that these 3 stars will not be returning.

After the finale of last season, where the school closed and Maeve has left for the US, we might be seeing some changes in the show. One that we know of is that one of the most popular couples in the series is not coming back for more adventures.

We won’t see the characters of Ola Nyman and Lily Iglehart returning for season four.

 “It's just the natural progression of these shows - when you have such a large ensemble cast and so many characters, I think you have to let some older characters make way for newer ones, which is absolutely correct, the way it is, this is how it should be,” stated Tanya Reynolds, who plays Lily on the show.


Who else is not coming back?

We are not sure if Ncuti Gatwa (Eric) or Emma Mackey (Maeve) will return but one that is definitely not is Simone Ashley (Olivia) because of her role in Bridgerton.