Sex and the City: The reboot runs out of its most attractive actor

By Lucía Murphy

Sex and the City: The reboot runs out of its most attractive actor

Check out here the latest bad news the Sex and the City reboot is suffering!

More bad news about the 'Sex and the City' reboot! HBO Max's series titled 'And Just Like That' will not feature one of the series' sexiest actors and its two movie sequels. Jason Lewis, who played Samantha Jones' young boyfriend, has confirmed that he will not participate in the project.

"I have not [been approached], but I would be the last to know!" the actor shares. "As much as I appreciate the flattery, the conversation is about the girls," the actor announced in an interview with the Daily Front Row.

At first, her character was introduced as a simple pretty face with impressive abs, which became the object of Samantha's desire, but the loyalty she showed at all times to her girlfriend, especially during her fight against cancer, made him one of the audience's favorites and the couple's eventual breakup was one of the most devastating.

On the other hand, the truth is that her presence in the plot would be difficult to justify without the actress that portrays Samantha, Kim Cattrall, and she made it clear from the beginning that she would not appear in the continuation of the story for the world.