Space Jam, A New Legacy: public fury for the unattractive image of Lola Bunny

By Estefanía Garcés

Space Jam, A New Legacy: public fury for the unattractive image of Lola Bunny

The bunny's new look upset fans and the producers can't believe it.

25 years ago, the animated film Space Jam conquered the hearts of viewers for its unusual way of combining real characters with cartoons. At that time, the film starred Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons character, Bugs Bunny. Now, 25 years later, a new version called Space Jam: A New Legacy was born alongside LeBron James. 

However, the new film Space Jam: A New Legacy, directed by Malcolm D. Lee, is not a sequel to the first edition that was released in 1996, but rather an animated version in 3D where the animated characters are They will be in charge of protecting James' son so that he does not get trapped in the world of video games. However, the launch triggered several opinions found in its fans and, the biggest annoyance, has to do with the modifications that Lola Bunny, the bunny of the strip, had.

Director Malcolm D. Lee decided to recreate Lola Bunny; this time she looks less sensual. It should be remembered that this cartoon had a curious combination between Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit. But now it looks simpler and does not wear tight clothes like in times past. She behaves like the leader of the group, the one that keeps them together so as not to lose focus of helping Dom James, a fictionalized version of who would be LeBron's youngest son, faced by Cedric Joe. 

But fans erupted on social media showing against Lola Bunny's new look. At this, Malcolm D. Lee was surprised by the reaction of the public; He claimed that he never imagined the annoyance of the spectators to see the bunny with less bust and with a slightly more childish look. On the other hand, the American actress Zendaya, who lent her voice for this character, was also amazed by the comments. In his opinion, the doll became a leader and role model for his companions, so he did not see anything wrong with the changes. 


Video taken from Warner Bros. Pictures.