"The Nanny" was cancelled but returns 22 years later

By Lucía Murphy

"The Nanny" was cancelled but returns 22 years later

22 years after the end of "The Nanny", this is what is known about the return of the series.

Charles Shaunghnessy, known by his character as "Maxwell Sheffield," said in an interview with Today Extra that Fran Drescher had already come up with some ideas for the return of "The Nanny." 

As revealed by the artist, one of the ideas is to create a situation of "chaos" between the characters, so that the story picks up again. If Fran Drescher's ideas are authorized, it won’t be a reboot of "The Nanny," but will be the continuation of the show.

It should be noted that Fran Drescher was one of the creators and produced the show, so it is very likely that the story will return. The American comedy premiered in 1993, on CBS, and had six consecutive seasons. It immediately became a hit, thanks to the comedy situations, and the personality of Fran Fine, the main character.

The show was created by Fran Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Its last season premiered in June 1999. They got divorced that same year, after the show was canceled due to low ratings towards the end, soon after Fran and Maxwell put that unreleased sexual tension behind them and became a married couple.