The curiosities that surely you did not know about Black Widow, the latest film by Scarlett Johansson

This spy thriller hides many details that many viewers have not taken into account.

Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson returned several months ago to the big screen with the thriller "The Black Widow" and so far has had repercussions and more than outstanding criticism. However, numerous details that the public did not know about this story that combines action, suspense and espionage, continue to appear. 

In the first instance we must say that the protagonist has already put herself in the shoes of Natasha Romanoff on seven occasions, among which the films of The Avengers, those of Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man 2 stand out. Knowing the character she plays so well, she knows what style best suits a strong woman, but sensitive to the various betrayals she suffered.  

For this reason, in this installment she can be seen in a white suit on several occasions. It is the first time that this variation happens and it had a lot of acceptance since it fits perfectly with the scenarios where he carries out his battles.  In relation to the latter, the actress indicated that in order for the fights to go perfectly, she underwent hours and hours of acrobatic training and different fighting practices. 

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As a last point to highlight and a direct demonstration of how demanding this work was, it transpired that Scarlett Johansson's film was shot on 3 continents, since there are images in the United Kingdom, Norway, Budapest, Morocco and Atlanta. It began in 2019 and to be able to carry out everything with a lot of dedication, they were almost three months focused on filming. 

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