The kissing booth 3: Jacob Elordi and the daring message to Joey King

By Estefanía Garcés

The kissing booth 3: Jacob Elordi and the daring message to Joey King

The premiere of the film revived the love memories between the protagonists.

Four years ago, Jacob Elordi and Joey King were one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood and that prestige increased when they were part of the film The Kissing Booth. From what is known, the connection began to occur while they were filming, although both were in charge of clarifying that it was never love at first sight, but that time was responsible for doing its thing.

However, what seemed to be a very fun game at first, ended up falling apart due to the amount of hours they spent together. On set they spent more than 17 hours together and then went home to sleep, then went back to work and saw each other. Little by little the union was wearing away until Jacob Elordi and Joey King ended up breaking up and rearming their lives with other people.

Now that the third part of The Kisses Booth has been released, the memories have resurfaced and it is for this reason that Jacob Elordi decided to thank all the people who had made this production possible, those who helped him grow and his ex-girlfriend , which also gave him great support to progress in the artistic world. There were even images with heart emojis and high-voltage images. 

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However, what Joey King was in charge of highlighting is that working with his ex was not easy at all but still the professionalism of both and the ambition to become stars, allows them to focus and only think about their careers. We will have to wait to know if there is any possibility that they will return or only maintain a great employment relationship. 

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Video taken from the official Netflix channel.