The protagonists of Friends live their worst hours after the death of an important actor

By Estefanía Garcés

The protagonists of Friends live their worst hours after the death of an important actor

Messages of condolences to his family were replicated on social media.

The showbiz, especially those actors who were part of the series Friends, is in mourning and this is due to the death of James Michael Tyler, known worldwide for giving life to Gunther in comedy. Although he wanted to maintain secrecy, it is known that he died at the age of 59 after losing a battle with prostate cancer. 

Although for a long time the doctors were optimistic and believed that everything was going to be fine, the outcome was unexpected. For a long time he was in charge of fighting tirelessly against this situation, but the disease had branched out to his eggs, especially in the area of the spine. He himself had even mentioned that he regretted not having had a check-up earlier to avoid this evil. 

The artist was recognized for being considered the "seventh friend" of the protagonists of Friends, however, he stood out for his multifaceted personality and for always being predisposed to get on stage. His wife, who for the moment, is the one who for these hours is most affected since she accompanied him until the last moment in this cruel crusade. 

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Finally, we must remember that Tyler had made a hard decision in the last time when the special of the comedy, broadcast by HBO Max, was made. As he knew that he was not in a position to accompany the protagonists of Friends Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry chatted with Tyler through he preferred to chat by zoom and in this way not ruin or sadden his colleagues and, especially, his audience so that they always remembered him with a smile.

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