The reason The Squid Game took 10 years to premiere

By Estefanía Garcés

The reason The Squid Game took 10 years to premiere

The Netflix phenomenon had to go through several situations to become a success.

The Squid Game is still a real rage on the platforms and the profits it generates are unprecedented. So far, the series has garnered more than 891 million dollars, about 768 million euros approximately, although there are indications that this figure could double.  

However, the road to becoming a success was not easy and this is because more than ten years ago, the production was ready to launch it. Back then, there were no chances, especially since South Korea was suing Netflix for having caused a very considerable increase in traffic.  

In between, the pandemic arrived and the conditions of the world became totally adverse, creating a climate extremely suitable for the consumption of these productions. Towards 2019, the platform enabled its broadcast, although previously it was titled Round Six. Months later it came to the small screen, although with another name and much more expectations. 

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So far, the show's writer-director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, says he's proud of the product because he knows this success is the work of many people who accompanied him. Although he is being asked to generate a second part of the film The Squid Game, he stays on the sidelines and assures that for the moment, he does not have it in mind.